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Most weddings usually need around 6-8 hours of DJ music. Most corporate events are 3-5 hours.
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{{answer_15624412}}, we would love to spin music that enhances the mood or theme of your {{answer_15625050}}! What kind of musical vibe would you like us to create?

"I want an indie dreamy acoustic sound for my ceremony, with a Big Band cocktail hour and dinner, and then a face melting dance party with all the hits!"

"I'm thinking ukulele and Island Reggae for the cocktail hour and Top 40 + Old School for the dancing portion."

"This is a company party for techy folks, mostly young men, so we think an eclectic mix of electronic, hip hop and break beats would work, but we leave it up to you to feel the crowd"

"We like Latin, Bollywood and Hip Hop music from the 90s. Also, Motown and Swing for the older generation."

"We are planning a grand opening for our fashion store, we want fun, upbeat and celebratory music that appeals to all women."
In our experience, music is one of the key ingredients for a wildly successful {{answer_15625050}}.  How important is music to the success of your party?

1 = Not crucial, I would be ok with an iPod 
2 = Somewhat important, as long as the price is right
3 = Important, but I'm not picky about the music at my {{answer_15625050}} 
4 = Top 3 on my list, I know that music can make or break my {{answer_15625050}}
5 = High Priority, I want my guests to dance and have the best time ever

When it comes to music, make your {{answer_15625050}} #InstaFamous!  Give it a theme, movie title, descriptive phrase or crazy hashtag!

- A High Energy Buffet with a Side of Oldies
- When Sinatra Met Sia
- Fifty Shades of Hooray
- A Skyfall of Star Wars
- Diamonds are Forever, But We're Gonna Party Like it's 1999

- #YOMO (You Only Marry Once, So Let's Live it Up!)

{{answer_15624412}}, are there any other juicy details about your {{answer_15625050}} that you want to share with us?

Thank you! Hang tight. Watch your inbox for some information within 24 hours or less (a tad longer if it's the weekend).

In the meantime, check us out at: 
Facebook .com/BambooBeatsDJ

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